The City of Los Angeles is the nation’s homeless capital – a title no one wants

California is home to one-quarter of the nation’s homeless population. Roughly 40,000 homeless live in the City of Los Angeles alone.

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City of LA officials have spent more than $1 billion on homelessness…and the problem is getting worse

Projections indicate that the number of homeless is expected to skyrocket by 86% in the next four years. Worse still, homelessness is a crisis and getting worse.

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Build Shelter Now represents voters, residents and businesses citywide who demand a solution NOW to LA’s homeless crisis

Build Shelter Now’s supporters demand urgency from our elected city leaders solve the homelessness problem now.

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Fixing homelessness and cleaning up our streets is Angelenos’ top priority

Los Angeles voters feel that “fixing homelessness” is the top issue they want the City’s leadership to prioritize – even higher than addressing the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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We are a broad-based group of voters, residents, homeowners, community groups and businesses.
We support a humane and compassionate shelter and clean-up policy in the City of Los Angeles.

While we don’t have official members, our coalition grows every day to include residents from all 15 City Council Districts, small business owners, civic and neighborhood organizations and business groups throughout the City of Los Angeles. We have begun to communicate our stories and frustrations to the City Council.

Our goal is to pass a humane and compassionate shelter and clean-up policy in the City of Los Angeles.

30,000 Shelter Beds...NOW!

The compassionate shelter and clean-up ordinance alone won’t solve all of Los Angeles’ homeless problems. But the ordinance combined with re-allocating $300 million in state and federal funds can provide 30,000 shelter beds and services NOW! This is the first step we urgently need for our homeless, our neighborhoods and our businesses.
We Have the Funds
The City has roughly $300 million of Prop HHH funds that can either be re-programmed or has yet to be allocated. This would be enough to fund about 30,000 SHELTER BEDS NOW.
Who Is Responsible?
Nearly 9 of 10 voters surveyed say it is the Mayor and the City Council’s responsibility to fix homelessness, delivering measurable changes that residents can see.
Homelessness Is Everywhere
In every neighborhood, on our streets, in our parks and under freeways, homelessness has become a humanitarian, health and public safety crisis that impacts us all.
You Can Help
Demonstrate to the City Council that residents and business owners are concerned about the health and safety of our communities and for the safety of those individuals living on the street, in our parks or other public places.