In Our Communites

The homeless crisis has overwhelmed our city and our neighborhoods.
Families can no longer take walks because sidewalks are blocked. Our parks are unsafe. Businesses face daily crises of homeless sleeping in doorways or defecating on streets, bringing with it poor sanitation and diseases unseen in decades. In every neighborhood, on our streets, in our parks and under freeways, homelessness has become a humanitarian, health and public safety crisis that impacts us all.
A recent survey of Los Angeles voters indicates that “fixing homelessness” is the top issue they want the City’s leadership to prioritize – even higher than addressing the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nearly 9 of 10 (84.1%) voters surveyed say it is the Mayor and the City Council’s responsibility to fix homelessness, delivering measurable changes that residents can see.

Based on our survey research, a super majority of LA voters (70.3%) hold the Mayor and City Council responsible for the problem. Our City’s elected leadership must do more – and faster – to solve the homeless crisis. A logical first step is to pass the anti-camping ordinance which would allow the City to compassionately move homeless individuals off streets, roads and parks and into shelter beds as they become available.

Homelessness is Everywhere in the City of Los Angeles