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Add your voice to the many concerned and affected Los Angeles residents who are calling on the Mayor and City Council to Build Shelter NOW!

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Petition to Los Angeles City Council

We agree that homelessness is the most important issue facing our City. It requires urgent action. We support the following:

The L.A. City Council needs to pass a compassionate shelter and clean-up ordinance and fund temporary shelters. This policy change would allow City workers to humanely move people off streets, sidewalks and parks and into a temporary shelter. It would also allow City workers to clean our neighborhoods – making communities clean, safe and more livable.

It’s inhumane to let men, women and children sleep, live and, unfortunately all too often, die on city streets. Homelessness impacts every community. Families, senior citizens, business owners and others can’t walk on sidewalks, play in parks, go to the beach or run a business without being impacted by homelessness.

It’s the responsibility of the Mayor and the Los Angeles City Council to fix the City’s homeless problem. The City of Los Angeles’ current policy solution has failed. It’s time for a change.